Who is Evan K?

Evan K! is a story-teller, first and foremost. He uses words, film, cartoons and animation to create those stories – stories derived from Mythology and Science, packed with action, fantasy, comedy, and wonder. Enter Evan K’s world and prepare for an adventure!


Short Films! Music Videos! Documentaries! Utilizing elements of fantasy, sci-fi, and comedy, Evan’s films are thrilling and exciting!


Cartoons and Comics! Evan’s humor and weirdness comes out onto the page in pen ink and color creations!


Making things move! In both Traditional 2D and Stop Motion animations, Evan brings drawings and everyday objects to life through the magic of animation!


Evan is a writer, commanding the written word to tell stories about life, the universe, and anything in-between and beyond! Check out his scripts here.

Drop Me a Line

If you want to get in touch, for work or just to say hi, drop me an email or follow me on social media!